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4-year-old Holds Her Own Backyard Women's March With Dolls

Show of hands, how many of you went to a Women's March last Saturday? Or at least support Women's rights? All of you, ok good. The Redfern's, a family in Virginiaa does also but was hesitant to bring their daughter to the D.C. march so they helped her stage her own march right at home. I think it's awesome they took the time to talk to their 4 year-old about the meaning of the march and helped her get engaged. Standing up for equality is an important value and I'm encouraged that I hear of parents talking to their kids about it at young ages. My own daughter is adamant that "it's about time we get our credit!"I agree, honey. Girl Power!

Also, anyone else impressed they got the dolls' arms to stay in sign-holding position?

Full article here. Thanks to Gina B. for the post idea!