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Killer White Blood Cells Destroy Infants' Cancer

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You know what's better than kids not having cancer? (Or any other horrible sickness) Nothing. Not even cute animals. Sorry, post I just wrote yesterday. You don't even compare in awesomeness. This is truly awesome. Two young infants (is there any other kind? Hyuck, hyuck) were recently CURED of leukemia by taking healthy people's white blood cells, engineering them to be ninja white blood cells, and putting them into the girls. Off these ninja cells went to destroy the evil cancer cells. 28 days later, and the girls are.... CANCER FREE! There were a few complications, one girl had to have a bone marrow transfusion and steroids to fight off an immune reaction. But holy cow! This is the stuff, folks. This is the beginning of the future where cancer can kiss our asses.

I'm sure my synopsis is leaving out a few details but what do you expect from a personal blog, when I'm writing in the evening after being home all day with a sick kid and husband? The idea here is to share awesomeness, not be a journalist.

Anyway, Truly remarkable. More trials are needed, and who knows if it will work for all types of patients and all types of cancer, but the future is brighter today. Fuck Cancer.

IFLScience article here.